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You Make My Heart Roar



You know how Valentine’s Day was when you were in school? It was a way bigger deal than it is when you’re and adult.

Let that special person know that you like them with this rambling Valentine’s Day card featuring a dinosaur.

The front text reads: “Remember when you would have store-bought valentines as a kid with cartoons or dinosaurs on them and you’d give them out the the whole class and you would pick one that said something kind of mushy to give to your crush and hope they got the hint and you had butterflies when you passed them out?”

The interior text reads “…Well that never worked. So now I’m being much more direct. I like you enough to give you a cheesy valentine. YOU MAKE MY HEART ROAR!”

This card is also available blank.

Craft brown envelope included.

Dimensions: 5.5” x 7”

(Watermark will not appear on final card, for security purposes only.)

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Val - Dinosaur_watermark.jpg